This is a 1-piece design of a thumb forceps. Its simplicity makes of it a very easy-to-use device ideal for disaster scenarios.

Components: 1-piece tweezer
Assembly needed: No
Materials: PLA Ultimaker Filament, RS Filament

cost & printing information

The design of the tweezer prints 6 tweezers per printing session. All our devices can be printed in high quality (HQ) or custom profile (CP).

Profiles: HQ / CP
Printing time: 5h 27 min / 11h 21 min
Power consumed: 1.054 kWh / 2.242 kWh
Plastic length: 3.29m / 5.14m
Weight: 26 g / 41 g

  • €1.30 / €2.05 (Ultimate Filament)
  • € 0.78 / € 1.23 (RS Filament)

how to use it

  1. Hold the tweezers between the thumb and the index finger
  2. Apply pressure with both fingers
  3. Grasp any small object / tissue with the tip of the tweezers
  4. Vary the applied pressure when needed