• Grainne Leonard
  • Meenakshi Suku
  • Brooke Tornifoglio

our projects 

  • Personal Sharps Bin
  • Pediatric finger splint
  • Modular finger splint


Our group decided to focus on affordable aids for people globally, not limiting ourselves to strictly disaster relief devices. With this in mind we spoke with doctors, surgeons, and workers in Ireland to see what could be of use to the public. Teaming up with an emergency physician focusing on digit injuries, we decided to re-design a digit splint for both adults and children. The idea behind this splint is a universal fit that can be adjusted for size depending on which digit is injured and where the injury is located. 

Additionally, after reaching out to a needle exchange in Dublin, we saw the need for personal sharps bins which will aid in the secure disposal of sharps and the ability to bring them back to needle exchanges throughout the city. With this in mind, we also designed a universal sharps attachment to be secured to a standard water bottle, allowing for the safe disposal of sharps in an emergency. 

universal attachment.PNG

Universal Sharps Attachment

This quick-print allows for the safe disposal of sharps into a standard water bottle. The threading was designed so to fit the most common water bottle caps and provides a snug fit without the risk of displacing easily. The conical opening facilitates easy placement of sharps into the gap without leaving anyone at risk of hurting themselves upon dropping the sharp. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 19.43.39.png

Initial Prototype