Our team: Druk biomedyczny

Authors : Greg Campion & Anna Szagdaj

Authors: Greg Campion & Anna Szagdaj

Our group designed innovative devices with the motive to cheap and effective for use as humanitarian aids. Extensive research was conducted in all areas, to which we deemed a knee splint, search and rescue whistle and Vernier calipers to be most beneficial to society at the present moment.


  1. Knee Splint

  2. Emergency Whistle

  3. Vernier Caliper

Knee Splint


Knee splints are dedicated for people with knee instabilities. Knee instability is a very common problem and usually happens after a sport injury - most common is the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear or rupture. It is estimated that there are 100,000 to 200,000 ACL ruptures in the United States annually.

In cases of knee instability, adjustable angle knee brace support is recommended. The function of such a splint is to:

  • Diminish side-to-side movement of the knee

  • Control the degree of movement of the knee joint

  • Help to restore range of motion after an injury

We designed the knee splint with 3 available modes. We consulted with an Orthopedic doctor who confirmed that 30, 45 and 90 are the most typically used angles used during the rehabilitation process.


One angle knee splint set can be printed in 8.95 hrs. Any extra set of angle takes 4.5 hrs.

Our cost-effective design can be printed for as little as €11.21 (including the price of Velcro).
For comparison: commercially available knee splints cost between €90-500


Emergency Whistle


In a disaster crisis, whether it be an earthquake, flooding or tornados, the most beneficial tools for rescues teams are a radio, flashlight and a whistle over 100db. A whistle of this decibel level is capable of being heard over 1.5 miles away (2.414 km) depending of wind direction, which can provide hope for victims.

Our design has an optimised vent opening angle of 60 degrees with the use of a turbulent trajectory ball to produce turbulent flow within the whistle chamber, giving a whistle of approximately 112db.


The whistle design can be printed in 1.22 hrs and by simply breaking/freeing the ball from the side of the wall with the use of a pen/tweezers or any rigid object, the whistle is ready to use immediately.

Our cost-effective design can be printed for as little as €0.54 each or €4.30 for 8 whistles.
For comparison: commercially available whistles cost around €5-10


Vernier caliper


Vernier callipers are extremely useful for accurately measuring items, however, industry Vernier callipers can be quite expensive, often preventing access. The large variation in 3d printer resolution meant that accurately printing measurements on the device itself was challenging.

We have developed a simple yet accurate design which can transform a standard ruler into an effective caliper. The design uses a traditional ruler as a sliding guide to provide motion but also utilizes the measure of the ruler to overcome the limitation of 3d printer resolution.


We have produced 3 different sizes to account for the variation in standard ruler width that can be printed between 1.06 to 2.233 hrs (depending on the size of the caliper printed).

Our cost-effective design can be printed for as little as €0.47 - €1.40 (depending on the size of the caliper printed).
For comparison: commercially available calipers cost around €40 - €140