Helping to overcome the often prohibitive cost of daily assisted living devices; this 3D printed mug handle allows people with limited dexterity to continue using their existing mugs at a fraction of the commercial price.

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This device facilitates measurement of the range of movement patients have in their fingers. Commercially available versions are incredibly expensive for such a simple device. Easily broken or lost hospitals can’t afford to constantly replace them. Ours is less than €1.50!

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Water purifier

Water purifier.png

Waterborne diseases arise from drinking water affected with protozoa, viruses, bacteria and intestinal parasites causing 1.8 million deaths worldwide annually. Our scalable 3D-printed device purifies unsafe water collected in plastic bottles using solar energy.

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Tracheostomy inner cannula


The most cost-effective and time-saving method replace tracheostomy devices is here! Print this device for urgent high-risk healthcare.

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vernier caliper


Vernier Caliper is a multipurpose tool used on the daily basis, not only in the medical field. Our simple design for a ruler will make all the measurements much easier!

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WEEKLY pill box


Helping to overcome the often prohibitive cost of daily assisted living devices; this 3D printed pill box allows organisation of medications for the week ahead.

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Used to monitor nerve repair or test level of impairment, this is another device that is prohibitively expensive from commercial suppliers. This print plus a set of common DIN1152 25mm nails makes an incredibly cheap version.

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Bottle opener.jpg

People with arthritis have difficulties opening bottles. That’s why we collaberated with ‘Makers Making Change’ to 3D-print a bottle opener that takes minimal effort for elder people to open plastic bottles, metal cans and glass bottles.

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An adjustable angle knee brace to stabilize the knee joint. Our design diminishes side-to side movement and controls the range of motion. 3 modes available: 30, 45 and 90 degrees depending on the need.

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Helping to overcome the often prohibitive cost of daily assisted living devices; this cutter allows anyone with or without limited mobility to cut large pills down to more manageable sizes

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Clubfoot corrector


“Clubfoot” is a congenital defect that causes a baby's foot to turn inward. In developing countries where this condition is common it is corrected by the child sleeping with their feet in a brace. These braces are expensive and often in short supply. Now they can be 3D printed as required.

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dentisTry handle


Be careful of your poor oral hygiene. It is linked to cancer, diabetes and heart attack. If you would like an immediate surgery with minimal cost, have a go at printing this tool.

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emergency whistle


Emergency whistles for crisis’ rescuers. Our design allows the sound of 112 dB, which can be heard from at least half a mile (800 m) away!

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